My Life as An Integer Story

In this project-based assignment, we have incorporated our math abilities with our writing abilities. We have written stories describing where we see integers in our own lives. Our stories include all the operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Massachusetts State Standards:


19.16 Write brief research reports with clear focus and supporting detail.

19.17 Write a short explanation of a process that includes a topic statement, supporting details, and a conclusion.

GRADES 5–6 LEARNING STANDARDS: Number Sense and Operations

6.N.6 Find and position integers (both positive and negative) on the number line.
6.N.7 Compare and order integers (including negative integers)

6.N.9 Select and use appropriate operations to solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and positive integer exponents with whole numbers

6.N.13 Accurately and efficiently add, subtract, multiply, and divide (with double-digit divisors) whole numbers.

6.N.15 Add and subtract integers, with the exception of subtracting negative integers.


  • Understands words and phrases of grade-level academic content, including technical and abstract terms. (S.1.25)

  • Creates media production using images, text, sound, and/or graphics. (W.5.13)

  • Writes short accounts of personal or familiar experiences, including academic topics. (W.2.7a)

  • Writes brief research reports with clear focus and supporting detail. (W.2.8f)

  • Participates in classroom discussion and other academic interactions using basic and and complex sentence structures (S.3.65)

Essential Question:

Essential Question:
What are integers and where can we find them in our daily lives?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Integer Story of Integers

Where we could find integers in life is in the weather, time, video games, money, sea level, number line, and so much more.
For example in weather the temperature could be -5 degrees C, 6 degrees C, 3 degrees C.

An example of the number line is above.

And also examples of integers in money are: $5, $6, $3.

We could find integers anywhere, and we use them sometimes without knowing. Integers help us in some things and it helps us find out things. We use integers in our daily lives. We use them when we’re calling someone, because when we call people we dial numbers. Phone numbers are sequences of integers.
Positive and negative numbers are integers. We could find positive numbers in anything that has to do with numbers. When we add with positive you go to the right of zero on the number line. And adding with negative you go left on the number line. We could find negative numbers in the thermometer, number line, and the weather.
A negative number is any real number that is less than zero like, -5, -8, and -2. Negative numbers are also used to describe values on a scale that goes below zero, such as the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales for temperature. And positive numbers are greater than zero like 5, 8, and 2.
When we multiply with a negative and a positive we’ll get a negative and the same thing for division. When adding with negatives you go to the left on the number line. Ex; -5+6=1
And when subtracting with negative and positives you go to the right on the number line.
Ex ; -5-6+= -11.

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